I’m sad right now because I just finished watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine again, (bonus: with daughter!) and it’s over.  Then I read some interviews with Avery Brooks, who I would pay to watch making sandwiches, or ironing a shirt, and now really feel I’ve committed the gravest error by failing to see his Paul Robeson show.  Brooks tells us that he doesn’t feel his career is defined by that show, and he’s of course right, which makes me think I should not be sad the show is over (for fuck’s sake I can rewatch it whenever I want!) and pull something out of the show to propel me forward.

So here it is: DS9 worked because it believed two things: that even though it was monumentally arrogant to believe that achieving a utopia meant the end of history, the ideals which created that arrogant utopia could still be worth fighting for.  We make our own history, but we make it in circumstances that are not of our own choosing.  We do not decide who wins or who loses, but we do decide what we fight for and how we fight.